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There seems to have been some confusion regarding these releases, which really stems from the fact that the distributor is not marked on any part of the artwork. Few Nite Flite videos have been positively identified by a silver spine label on the cassette reading "A Nite Flite Video Presentation". They are The Butcher, The Killer, Christmas Evil, and 'Tis Pity. There may be others but these are the ones I'm positive of. These same titles are also in enclosed clamshells, meaning the artwork cannot be removed. For a long time, there have been similar unmarked clamshells (not enclosed) without the identifying spine label.These were filed on the site as "Premier Video." I'm not sure where exactly this label came from, the confusion may have come from a user or myself. But looking closer at the artwork on these, comparing known Nite Flite videos with similar unmarked clamshells, I've come to the determination that the ones marked "Premier" are actually Nite Flite releases. I never caught on to this because known Nite Flites had enclosed clamshells while these similar ones did not. But the largest clues determining these "Premier Video" clamshells are in fact Nite flite videos are: 1) Same copyright notice in the same text font. 2) Similar "VHS" logo on the spines. 3) Face labels on the cassettes are identical to known Nite Flite videos (with the exception of the movie title obviously).They're both silver, have the same FBI warning, and have a thin rectangular box around the title of the movie.

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