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A Study in Terror

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A Study in Terror (1966)

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Additional Information
Release Date: August 10, 1966

Distributor: Columbia Pictures

This was the first of a new wave of interest in Sherlock Holmes that were popular from the mid 70s on.

starring John Neville as Sherlock, his next iconic role would not be until THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSSEN nearly 2 decades later.

TRIVIA: One of the stars of A STUDY IN TERROR also appeared in a Holmes movie in the 70s. Which actor, and what was that movie?

That same movie shared a plot with a science fiction movie in the same year that starred an actress who would win an Oscar the following year. What is the movie, the similar plot thread, the actress and her Oscar winning movie?

The director of that science fiction movie also had a hand in a Sherlock Holmes film of the 70s that starred an actor who is Oscar nominated this year. Name the director, the movie and the actor who is nominated this year?

In the same year that Holmes movie was released , there was a tv version that starred an actor who played Bond. Name the tv film and the actor?

This was the only Holmes film in which there was a gay subtext between Homes and Watson. Name the film?

Of all the 70s Holmes related films this was the most successful at the boxoffice earning over $20,000,000. What is its title?

Of all the 70s Holmes films, how many received Oscar nominations? Name them?


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