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The Optimists

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The Optimists (1973)

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Additional Information
Meet Sam, the wonder man. He's got madness in his closet, everybody in trouble, the police in circles - and the world in his pocket.

A magical, musical, heartwarming story of friendship and courage.

The Optimists of Nine Elms, also known as The Optimists, is a 1973 British drama film starring Peter Sellers and directed by Anthony Simmons, who also wrote the 1964 novel upon which the film is based. The film is about an old street musician (played by Sellers) who strikes up a friendship with two children—Mark, played by John Chaffey, and Liz, played by Donna Mullane. Neither of the child actors were featured in future films. A young Keith Chegwin also played a small role in the film.
The screenplay had originally been written several years earlier as a comeback vehicle for Buster Keaton.

Peter Sellers gives a splendid, understated performance in this gentle comedy-drama. Liz (Donna Mullane) and Mark (John Chaffey) are a pair of poor children trying to get by on the streets of London. In their travels, Liz and Mark get to know Sam (Sellers), a one-time music hall performer who these days performs for change with his dog on streetcorners. Sam takes the youngsters under his wing and helps remind them of the simply joys of living that they've forgotten in their hardscrabble lives. Also released as The Optimists of Nine Elms, The Optimists features several original songs by Lionel Bart and an incidental score by George Martin, best known as the man who produced The Beatles' recordings. ~

Release Date: October 18, 1973 @ The Radio City Music Hall

Distrib: Paramount


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