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Once Upon a Scoundrel

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Once Upon a Scoundrel (1977)

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Additional Information
Revenge has never been so sweetly funny.

Unpretentious, charming story stars Mostel as a wealthy Mexican land baron, madly in love with young Garcia. To get her fiance out of the way, Mostel accuses him of stealing a duck, thus sending the youth to prison. The traditional law states that the young man cannot be released until Mostel forgives him. Fearing that she will never see her bethrothed again, Garcia and her aunt, Jurado, conceive a plan which will make Mostel believe himself to be dead--a wandering soul who can never rest in peace. Mostel ultimately repents and frees the fiance, then goes on to do good deeds everywhere. Exceptional photography blends the beautiful Mexican scenery very well with the story.

In this comedy, a greedy Mexican don, the biggest landowner around, is used to getting his own way. The trouble begins when he casts his avaricious eyes upon a pretty lass who is most inconveniently betrothed to another. He takes care of that by tossing her beloved into jail. Knowing that only the Don has the power to insure her lover's release, the girl and her aunt devise a devious scheme.


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