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Old Boyfriends

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Old Boyfriends (1979)

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Additional Information
...what happens when you see them again?

Noted screenwriter Joan Tewksbury made her directorial debut with this bittersweet comedy-drama. Diane Cruise (Talia Shire), a psychologist going through a severe depression, takes a long look at her life after attempting to commit suicide. Diane decides to pay a visit to her former boyfriends in order to get in touch with her past and map out her future. She meets up with her high school sweetheart Eric Katz (John Belushi) and gets to turn the tables on him in revenge over a past humiliation. She also finds Jeff Turrin (Richard Jordan), her college beau who now works as a filmmaker, and she discovers that the first boy she fell in love with has died -- only to find herself drifting into an unexpected romance with his older brother, Wayne Van Til (Keith Carradine). The supporting cast features John Houseman, Buck Henry, Gerritt Graham, and P.J. Soles.

Release Date: March 22, 1979 @ the Sutton

Distrib: Avco Embassy

Whenever anyone complains that a jampacked with extras Criterion Blu Ray is too expensive @ 30 bucks, I love to pull out an old Embassy vhs like this one with the price on it. Imagine paying $59.95 for this!?

1979, AS SEEN THROUGH MY MANY OTHER VHS LISTINGS OF FILMS FROM THAT YEAR, had groups of mini trends and subsets. One too add to that was Talia Shire having 4 movies out in 1 year. The least successful was this movie-her first as a lead. The others -PROPHECY and WINDOWS are considered by many to be two of the worst films of all time. The last-and most successful -was ROCKY II -more of a remake than a sequel and to Rocky fans it sits only above ROCKY V in the pecking order.

Trivia: An Oscar nominee from the last 20 years starred in a similarly themed version of OLD BOYFRIENDS with a gender switch. Name the actor and the film?

What other connection does that actor have to OLD BOYFRIENDS?

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