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The Bitch

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The Bitch (1980)

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Additional Information
After The Stud...

Joan Collins stars as Fontaine Khaled in this sleek and sleazy sequel to her sister Jackie Collins's The Stud. Fontaine is the owner of a high class London nightclub, but after having an extramarital affair, her marriage falls apart and she stands to lose her nightclub. As a result, she hits the jet-set circuit, plying her allure for erotic dividends. She also involves herself in smuggling and in rigged horse races, trying any means necessary to obtain the funding to rescue her beloved nightclub from foreclosure.

The Bitch is a British film released in 1979. It is a sequel to The Stud (1978), and both films were based on novels by British author Jackie Collins. Like its predecessor, the film starred her sister, Joan Collins, as Fontaine Khaled. Both films are considered to be softcore porn.

Although both The Stud and The Bitch were generally panned by critics, they were nevertheless both commercial successes and helped to revive Joan Collins' career. In 1981, her performance in The Bitch attracted the attention of Aaron Spelling and Esther and Richard Shapiro when they were looking for an actress to play the part of Alexis Carrington in their TV series Dynasty.


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