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Posted: 01/29/15

It seems that a few of you have been uploading images that don't meet the guideline requirements. I tried e-mailing you guys, but I'm not sure if any of...
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Posted: 01/21/15

Hey guys! Just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Been pretty busy lately with entering grad school and other life happenings. I approved...
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Posted: 11/29/14

As an Amazon Affiliate, makes a small commission from anyone who makes a purchase though our Amazon link.Thanks...
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Posted: 08/24/14

I've discounted this great shirt to only $7.99 plus shipping on eBay! The back of the shirt reads "VHSCOLLECTOR.COM". Also check out my other listings for...
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Posted: 07/06/14

Rory Greener gives us his take on the Italian shock film, "Cannibal Holocaust". Check it out!

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I did the same thing with my first scans and got them corrected aswell. It's interesting that we have a different definition of Big Box in the US and here in...

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Hey, I picked you up a few more titles this weekend. I was somewhere and they had some cheap so I grabbed a few.
Email me and we can talk about titles and...

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I guess they're just using clamshell on here as a generic term for "plastic case that opens up like a clam".

The smallbox (the normal-size UK video case)...

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