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Posted: 03/18/15

Just wanted to share with you guys some great scanners that I've used to do the scanning at 112 Video. They're totally affordable and not going to break...
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Posted: 01/29/15

It seems that a few of you have been uploading images that don't meet the guideline requirements. I tried e-mailing you guys, but I'm not sure if any of...
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Posted: 01/21/15

Hey guys! Just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Been pretty busy lately with entering grad school and other life happenings. I approved...
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Posted: 11/29/14

As an Amazon Affiliate, makes a small commission from anyone who makes a purchase though our Amazon link.Thanks...
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Posted: 08/24/14

I've discounted this great shirt to only $7.99 plus shipping on eBay! The back of the shirt reads "VHSCOLLECTOR.COM". Also check out my other listings for...
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Updated Wishlist (3/28/2015):

The Cellar (1989) (Cineplex Odeon VHS)
Hot Sneakers (Cineplex Odeon VHS)
The Dark Side (1987) (New World/Malo...

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Someone on Facebook brought this up to me:...

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