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Posted: 07/06/14

Rory Greener gives us his take on the Italian shock film, "Cannibal Holocaust". Check it out!

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Posted: 06/25/14

A campaign was created to help fund the completion and upgrade of the site! Click the link above or below to check it out and share with...
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Posted: 06/10/14

Hello folks! We've been having issues with our server and host provider. As the archive grows and the number of users submitting scans grows, the site is...
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Posted: 03/28/14

Please do not submit corrections as a comment. It creates yet another mess I have to sort out. When you submit corrections through the "suspect error"...
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Posted: 03/24/14

I notice that when people are making a mistake on their upload, they're using the "Update Cover Art" button on the preview of the listing. You can't do...
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Updated wish-list (8/10/2014):

Death Force (1988) (Found an Italian VHS version of the film but still need an English version)
The Cellar (1989) (...

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